Tax and Financial Services

Bookkeeping Services

Outsourcing bookkeeping services to CWMS can save you time and money. CWMS can ensure that your work is completed properly and timely. Our trained professionals will be able to provide you with meaningful information and assist you in important management decisions. We offer a full range of bookkeeping services from data entry to one-on-one training:

  • Bank reconciliations
  • Accounts receivable and payable accounting
  • Accounting staffing
  • QuickBooks training
  • Sales tax reporting
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Budgeting
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Preparation of compiled and reviewed financial statements
  • Financing assistance


CWMS is an established PEO organization and uniquely offers payroll leasing services. Outsourcing payroll services to CWMS will save you time, money, and stress. CWMS takes care of all the necessary taxes, insurance, and forms related to payroll including workman’s compensation coverage. Basically, CWMS serves as an offsite human resources department and allows you to spend more time managing your business. Our trained professionals have the ability to turn your payroll around within two days or less. We offer a full range of payroll services including:

  • Payroll leasing
  • Quarterly payroll reporting
  • W-2 preparation
  • Workman’s compensation coverage
  • IRS/State representation on payroll issues

Tax Preparation (all types)

For over 25 years, CWMS has been providing high-quality, affordable tax preparation services. Our clients appreciate working year after year with knowledgeable, friendly accountants for tax preparation, tax planning, and year-round support. This relationship offers you a personalized service that you can’t get from the seasonal tax preparer. Our professionals have the ability to consult on unique tax issues. CWMS sees that each tax return prepared is reviewed by a CPA to ensure that it is accurate and that you pay as little tax as required by law. We recommend tax-saving strategies and serve as your advocate in tax matters. We prepare tax returns for all states and all federal forms. We have vast experience in preparing the following returns:

  • Individual Income Tax Returns
  • Partnership Tax Returns
  • S-Corporation Tax Returns
  • Corporation Tax Returns
  • Trust Tax Returns
  • Gift Tax Returns
  • Estate Tax Returns
  • Non-Profit Tax Returns
  • Personal Property Tax
  • Sales Tax
  • Withholding Tax
  • Payroll Tax

Non-Profit Organizations

The professionals at CWMS have experience in tax and accounting issues related to non-profits. It is important for non-profits to be compliant with reporting requirements so that they can maintain their tax-exempt status. The IRS uses specific revenue and expense classifications to determine if your organization will retain its tax-exempt status. It is important to build your accounting around these classifications and our professionals can help you. If you are a non-profit, here is what CWMS can do for you:

  • Preparation of the 990 and 990T tax forms
  • Preparation of compiled and reviewed financial statements
  • Payroll services
  • Provide training for your bookkeeping personnel

Tax Consulting & Planning

Our experienced tax professionals have the ability to consult with taxpayers on any tax issue. We track tax law changes year-round and invest in continuing professional education and high quality research tools so we are always ready for your situation. Our goal is to ensure that you pay as little tax as required by law. Our clients appreciate working year after year with knowledgeable, friendly professionals that offer a personalized service. Contact us today for an initial consultation.

Estate Planning

Estate planning can be complicated and costly without help. In many cases, estate planning ends up saving your family lots of heartache, time, and money. You may feel that you’re too young to be concerned about estate planning, but the truth is it can happen anytime. Our professionals can help you plan what happens to your estate when you’re gone and do some strategic planning to minimize the tax. We also offer succession planning to help family businesses survive the transition from one generation to the next.

Let us help you pass on what’s taken a lifetime to build.

IRS Representation

It is never a pleasant experience to receive an IRS notice or audit letter in the mail. Do not make the mistake that many taxpayers do by deciding to handle a tax audit or notice by themselves. The IRS Auditors know that most people fear them and are unfamiliar with their rights and the tax law. CWMS can help you understand your rights and clear your account with the IRS. Our professionals have the credentials and experience needed to represent you through an IRS audit, IRS appeal, or through the IRS collection process. We can also help you file any past-due prior-year tax return.

Compilations & Reviews

Banks and other third parties often require compiled or reviewed financial statements from an independent CPA to fulfill lending and other requirements. CWMS has the ability to offer these services at affordable rates.

Compiled financial statements are a representation of management with no opinion or assurance given on the financial statements. Compilations are among the least extensive financial statement preparation service offered by a CPA. Compilations don’t require inquiries of management or analytical procedures. Instead, we rely on our knowledge of accounting principles and a general understanding of your business.

Reviewed financial statements are more involved than a compilation but less extensive than an audit. A review report expresses limited assurance and must include all required footnotes and other disclosures. A review engagement consists primarily of analytical procedures applied to the financial statements and various inquiries of the company’s management.

If you are in need of a compilation or review, contact us today for a free quote.

QuickBooks Training

Our professionals have extensive experience in working with QuickBooks. We can help you setup your company on QuickBooks and offer training that will enable you to handle your bookkeeping on your own, saving you money. We’ll bring the office to you. Our professionals can travel to your location for your convenience. CWMS can provide a monthly, quarterly or annual review of your QuickBooks data to ensure accuracy.

New Business Formation

Thinking of starting your own business? CWMS can help. Our professionals understand the pros and cons of each entity structure and we can help you decide which entity is the best fit for your business and tax situation. We can help you avoid the common pitfalls that many new small business owners make when starting their new venture.

CWMS has the ability to assist you in creating an LLC or corporation. Our entity set up service includes a professional LLC or corporate manual complete with minutes, share certificates, by-laws or an operating agreement. If you are thinking of creating an LLC or corporation, give us a call.

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